The team at Larenholtz Media

Graphic Illustrator / Photographer

I am Kamila Mankiewicz. I choose and do all the artistic work in Larenholtz Media.

I am the one who creates the magic of photos, drawings and descriptions.
I am a journalist and IT project management specialist.
I graduated from two faculties at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and for 15 years I worked in the largest Polish IT corporations as a designer of advanced ICT solutions and a cybersecurity specialist.

In Larenholtz Media team I supervise and take care of the quality of hosted websites in terms of network security.
I am also a photographer, designer and certified sports instructor for over 10 years.

Website Developer

 I am Nicklas Larenholtz who works with setup of WordPress websites.

I have worked with Internet Marketing for 15 years focused on search engine marketing. Thanks give that, my knowledge regarding setup of WordPress websites has grown. I have a wide network of experts in there areas to give a full service for customers. Other then this, my hobby is oil on canvas artist.

Some work from us